Our mission is to 

Balance Diets Globally

by creating and distributing innovative health products and functional ingredients



We explore international cultures and cuisines, identifying which products would meet Chinese demand most closely


Partnering with UK specialists we design and manufacture innovative
ingredients and finished products for the global market

Exporting & Distribution

Using our well established Chinese network and growing western networks we distribute

Why China?

China is a quickly developing economic powerhouse with an expanding middle class who are spending their disposable income on luxury goods such as imported foods and health products, making them our perfect target market.

Why the UK?

UK products are globally perceived to be high quality due to strict standards and so as a result Chinese consumers trust the products we develop. In addition, the UK has many different foods and flavours which are very unique in China, which will attract more customer interest.

Finished Product Categories

Food Supplements

In customer facing tablet, liquid or powder form

Snacks & Confectionery

Including sweets, chocolate, cereal bars and biscuits.

Meal Replacements

From shakes and drinks to bars and full meals


Focusing around traditional UK and Western flavours

Product Re-invigoration

we embed 

leading, certified Plant Extracts

in mature food & drink products to extend their life cycle, then launch the product into 

One of the biggest markets on the planet

Every product we develop we get independently tested to ensure it is 

Safe, Effective & Delicious

to guarantee our products are completely ready for our market 

Active Ingredients

White Kidney Bean Extract

Already a popular weight management supplement which decreases the absorption of starch by preventing it from being broken down

Our product capitalises on an incredibly clean, patented extraction process which uses only water, reducing side effects and increasing the quality of the final ingredient

We're constantly scouting for new supplements, if you have a suggestion or any questions please get in touch

We're looking for new partners to join our network


Ambitious and experienced organisations which want to significantly penetrate the Chinese market with high quality products

International Distributors

Innovative distributors with a passion for fulfilling customer demand that can offer 

Team Members

Enthusiastic early adopters, with the ability to learn and grow quickly, that want to be one of the founding members of a high tech food business with large growth potential

Get in touch below to start out journey

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